A 2.5D atmospheric puzzle-platformer where you explore a plastic-ridden world, and make choices that either help or harm the environment.

Windows, MacOS
Unity3D, Maya
30 members
1 year

As Technical Artist, I rigged 5 humans and 3 animals from scratch in Maya. I also collaborated with the engineering team on implementing Unity-side animations like turning and climbing.

Selected as one of 22 finalists worldwide in the 2020 Games For Change Awards.

Showcased at IndieCade 2019 and E3 2019.

Amassed 20,000+ downloads and Very Positive rating on Steam.


Human Character Rigs

I rigged the main character Noa and five other human characters from scratch, including joint and controls setup.

Clothing Rigging
I handled a range of character rigs with different clothes, like the main character's mother Joy and her long sundress.
Driven Key Foot Controls
I set up a range of foot controls like heel-peeling for Noa's run and stumble animations through the uneven wastelands.
Driven Key Hand Controls
I set up hand controls for curling and spreading fingers, sparing our animator the need to key individual finger controls.
With enough features in our human rigs, Plasticity became the first game in USC Advanced Games Project history to feature cutscenes.

Animal Rigs

I rigged our spotlight animal character, Bucket the Puppy!

Puppy Rig
I skinned a dog skeleton asset to our own puppy model, creating controls and debugging joint orientation issues.
Meet Bucket!
Our animator was able to have a lot of fun with my rig, and Bucket has since gone on to melt quite a few hearts among our players!