Mighty Action Heroes

A multiplayer third-person battle royale styled after classic action hero movies, complete with lots of guns and explosions!

WebGL, Android
Unity (URP), Maya
50+ members
1.5 years

As Technical Artist, I was in charge of tool development for our high volume of assets in NFTs and characters, while ensuring they hit the balance between performance and visual quality on WebGL and Android.

- Researching and implementing Unity plugins for VFX, UI and shaders.

- Authoring custom shaders for characters, environments, VFX and postprocessing.

- Optimising performance, memory and build size for WebGL and Android.

- Training artists and animators on shader creation and Python tool development.

- Developing Maya and Blender tools in Python to streamline art workflows for NFT collection and character LOD generation.


NFT Image Generator

I developed the Blender tool behind Mighty Bear Games's first NFT collection, Big Bear Syndicate. Read about the full process in my Medium article!

Visual Result
This tool enabled concept artists to render out our 5000 NFT images without supervision, allowing for rapid art iteration over 4 months to achieve the final product shown above.
The Full Blender Add-on
I implemented this tool in Python with a host of features, from image recoloring to various search filters, based on the concept art team's requests and feedback.

[Under Construction]

I'll be updating this page with more examples of my work - stay tuned!