Disney Melee Mania

A multiplayer 3v3 arena battler featuring over 20 Disney and Pixar characters, released on Apple Arcade.

iOS, macOS, tvOS
Unity (URP), Maya
30+ members
1.5 years

As Technical Artist, I was in charge of all things technical in the character art pipeline, and also worked on tools, shaders and optimisation.

- Managed outsourcers on delivery & iteration of 20+ Disney/Pixar character rigs.

- Collaborated with engineers on implementing 100+ character and camera anims.

- Developed Unity tools in C# for procedural generation of environment assets.

- Optimised performance on iOS from 20 FPS to 60 FPS through Xcode profiling.


Procedural Scattering Tool for Splines

I developed a Unity tool to quickly scatter objects in a spline curve for decorating our environments. Read about the full process in my Medium article!

Visual Result
This tool empowered the set dressing around all of Disney Melee Mania's battle arenas, from little forests to bunches of candy canes.
One-Click Instant Generation
This tool reduced the set dressing work for each battle arena from hours down to seconds, as 3D artists no longer had to fuss over each object's placement within the railings.
Dot and Cross Product Calculations
Since our battle arenas were made with spline-based railings, I made use of some vector math to generate only points that lied within a given spline curve.
Intersection Avoidance with Blue Noise
To ensure that generated trees, flowers, and other elements didn't overlap with each other, I incorporated a distance check into the algorithm that artists can easily adjust the value of.

[Under Construction]

I'll be updating this page with more examples of my work - stay tuned!